Ravintsara essential oil: How to fight against viruses naturally

Ravintsara essential oil: How to fight against viruses naturally

Posted by Vato on 1st Apr 2020

With the fast spread of the COVID-19 and the craziness that this virus brings to our lives, we decided to share with you our knowledge about this amazingly powerful oil. Ravintsara (Madagascar Camphor) is well known for its powerful antiviral and natural antiseptic qualities, this essential oil is reputed to prevent viruses from spreading while strengthening the immune system. Rich in cineole, it acts as a relaxant on inflammation and on the nervous system due to its concentration in terpene.

This oil contains a molecule that is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, ravintsara can be used as a massage oil on your chest when you have infected lungs to fluidify the fluids and help you breath easier. 
You can also use it in inhalation, just use one drop per hot bowl of water. 

We provide pure ravintsara essential oil. You will be able to make your own massage oil with it. You just need to use a 10 to 1 ratio, for every 10 drops of carrier oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil...) add 1 drop of ravintsara essential oil. 

Because the majority of infections of the covid-19 virus happen when your hands touch a contaminated surface, we formulated a special hand sanitizer with Ravintsara essential oil to help you stay safe.

We lowered the price of this essential oil and the sanitizer to make them as affordable as possible for you during this difficult period.

This product is a great help to fight viruses, but it does not replace hand washing and social distancing. 

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