Ravintsara Antiseptic - Hand sanitizer with 71% alcohol (Madagascar Camphor)

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100% Natural

We lowered the price of this item because we want to make it as affordable as possible for our customers during this difficult period. We strongly believe that this product can be very helpful to fight against covid-19. 

Ravintsara Essential Oil and witch hazel natural antiseptic - hand sanitizer with 72% alcohol

Well known for its powerful antiviral and its natural antiseptic qualities, Ravintsara essential oil is reputed to prevent viruses from spreading while strengthening the immune system. Rich in cineole, it acts as relaxant on inflammation and on the nervous system due to its concentration in terpene.
This product is our creation to fight germs. It is especially formulated to help you stay away from germs.
This product is a great natural sanitizer but it does not replace hand washing with soap.

 2 fl oz,  spray

3 Reviews

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    Great sanitizer

    Posted by Jessica on 21st May 2020

    It's a good sanitizer, normal for the prices out right now. But the smell is very very strong. I personally love it but it could be sensitive to those around you if they are not used to herby/menthol smells so try to use it in an open space.

  • 5

    Posted by Ana Beatriz on 16th May 2020

    WOW! Ingenious : an essential item this days with the bonus of a therapeutic aromatherapy effect+++++ The bottle may seem small but goes ALONG way and perfect size to carry along . A great gift also to send as an essential item for our loved ones.

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    Ravintsara antiseptic spray

    Posted by Gillian on 4th May 2020

    Wonderful smell! Inexpensive. I spray my bathroom, shower, spray near linens... In the time of Corona and future viruses, if it gives us any edge at all, I'll use it!