Propolis: Why is it so amazing for skincare

Propolis: Why is it so amazing for skincare

Posted by Colleen on 16th May 2020

Industry, hard work, precision, discernment, dedication, all traits that are to be sought after in choosing an employee, or mate. They are also to be prized when selecting your next facial cream. How so?

In the case of Therapia by Aroma’s Propolis line, you would be investing in the work of bees, millions of industrious, wise, dedicated, and discerning bees. The fruits of their labors can be found in Propolis.

The use of propolis in skin care goes back centuries. Derived from the sap of needle-leaved trees or evergreens propolis in its natural state is a greenish brown product that is used to coat the hives.
The ancients used it for medicinal purposes, like honey it has drawing properties, and was thought to possess healing properties.

Modern science has proven that it does too. It is an antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. It contains the flavonoids a polyphenol produced in plants as natural protectants. Propolis is beneficial to wounds and contains pinocembrin, a flavonoid that is also antimicrobial making it ideal for healing burns and other wounds.

As a standard in your skin regiment propolis has the capacity to increase the skin’s natural glow. Keep it in top condition by countering the effects of our environment and calming and healing skin flare-ups. Therapia by Aroma offers a line of quality products containing propolis.
Propolis Emulsion Facial Cream this emulsion contains Jojoba oil, Propolis, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, and Witch Hazel – every ingredient contains a healing property.
Propolis Facial Cream – a luxury cream with healing properties, this facial cream contains Propolis, Shivaji, Calendula and Yarrow Essential Oil
Propolis Kaolin Clay Mask – the gold standard for deep cleaning, this product contains ultra colloidal gold, Nerolis Essential Oil and Geranium Rosa Essential Oil and Kaolin Clay.
• Facial Soap with Propolis can be found in two cleansers – Propolis with Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils made with hemp seed oil. This facial cleanser contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and A, E, and Tea Tree Esssential Oils. Soothing, antiseptic for skin that needs a deep clean that also hydrates. Facial Soap and with Gardenia and Neroli Essential Oils – is a powerhouse for someone seeking a cleanser that also has the added benefits of an anti aging treatment. This product contains Propolis, hemp seed oil, and gardenia and Neroli Essential Oils.

From cleaning to enriching the skin, Therapia by Aroma has you covered!