Ajowain Essential Oil (Pure) 15ml (ajwain)

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100% Pure Ajowain (ajwain) Essential Oil

Our essential oils are highest possible quality and are 100% pure.

Ajowain Essential Oil is extracted from the seeds of Ajwain through steam distillation process. This great essential oil is known for its galactagogue, anti spasmodic, amoebiasis & carminative expectorant properties. Ajowain oil is an anti microbial agent, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, and a tonic.

Ajowain essential oils benefits:

  • Ajwain essential oil helps fighting against bacteria, viruses, fungi, & parasites.
  • Its antispasmodic nature makes it perfect circulatory stimulant. It helps against fatigue, weakness, & to assist recovery after illness or accident. It also calms down mental and physical exhaustion.
  • Ajwain oil is used as a therapeutic agent against dental caries.

15 ml