Slime Soap Magnolia Absolute - Aleppo Soap with organic olive oil

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Slime Aleppo Soap with Magnolia Absolut oil

100% Natural Face and Body slime soap

Made with organic olive oil and Magnolia Absolut oil.

Very original slimy texture. This soap feels great smells great and has amazing benefits for your skin.

Aleppo Soap is an ancient Syrian soap recipe. The olive oil acts as a moisturizer and the laurel oil as a cleanser. Together, they can help to calm inflammation, irritation and redness. Some say that using laurel oil can help treat and manage 
skin conditions like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and 
acne. Indeed, Aleppo soap is often tolerated by 
those with even the most sensitive skin.

8 Fl oz 250ml