Relaxing Aromatherapy Oil - Soul Perfume - Natural essential oils - relaxing fragrance

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100% Natural

Soul Perfume - Relaxing Perfume Oil - Natural essential Oil

Active Ingredient:

  • Essential Lavender
  • Essential Benzoin Resin
  • Essential Oil Petitgrain
  • Essential Oil Neroli
  • Essential Oil Rose de Mai absolu 

Our Soul Perfume will take you on a journey to the most beautiful gardens in the world to capture the most unique ingredients.

Rare natural spirits have been extracted for their qualities and the excellence of their scent for this product. All Soul Perfume fragrances benefit from the power of aromatherapy. Soft, herbal, slightly floral, the Lavender essential oil favors the renewing of skin cells and brings about a physical and spiritual equilibrium.

The softening Benzoin Resin essential oil, with a vanilla-like scent, comforts the heart and the spirit against fear, jealousy, loneliness, and depressions.

The Petitgrain essential oil boosts up the body and the spirit. Thanks to its virtues, it helps with digestion and skin replenishment. Its fragrance is fresh, spicy, and floral, with additional lemon notes.

The seducing, smooth, and powerful fragrance of Neroli essential oil is privileged in wedding bouquets, while its scent is used as an aphrodisiac.  It has reassuring qualities that fight against depressions.

The femininity of the Rose de Mai absolu is within its soft, syrupy, green, and floral  fragrance. It is a purifying ingredient with toning and nourishing qualities for the skin  that fights against the soul’s illnesses.

2 fl oz, 60 ml.