Cologne Neroli Blossom n.2 - Natural essential oils - men & women

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250ml 8oz 

Natural COLOGNE made with Essential Oils.

Collection Privee 
Symbol of French elegance and refinement 

This reinvented classical cologne by Private Collection is one of life's most poetic creations with a bright fragrance. 

  • Head note: grapefruit 
  • Heart note: neroli 
  • Base note: sandalwood

The Collection Privee perfumes are created with the noblest essential oils and include the 
best elements and essences. These magnificent Colognes are made in an artisanal and traditional way. 

They are mixed, weighed, macerated and filtered in the purest tradition of the founders of French perfumery. 

This traditional Eau de Cologne is produced with a mix of different essential oils chosen for their 
purity and their exceptional fragrance, coming from the most remote places in the world, and an alcohol as pure as its specifically-selected grains. This principle was the basis for the first Eau de 
Cologne in the 18th century. 

Collection Privee innovates cologne thanks to its unprecedented research on essential oils, using rare and traditional ingredients alike. Collection Privee creates Colognes that are fresh, delicately fragranced, and unisex. They can be used for the body, as well as an after-shave. The 
benefits of the essential oils will support you all day long, while working or relaxing. 

A daily use of your Collection Privee Cologne will bring you a well-being that shall be recognized by your entire entourage.