About us

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essential oil workshop
Based in South Florida’s farming country of Homestead, “Essential Oil, Perfume, and Cosmetic Workshop” is one of the rare manufacturers that perpetuate and renew the ancient tradition of essential oil care. Using solely high quality natural, raw materials, it continues the ancient procedures originated in southern France.

essential oil workshop

“Therapia by Aroma”, led by Irene and Pierre, prepares high quality products just next to the fruit plantations and flower fields of South Florida, using specially designed equipment that combines modern technology and ancient producing methods.

“Therapia by Aromas” includes a whole series of perfumes, body and facial skin care products, hair and scalp care products, and aromatic powers. Essential oils, as aromatherapy, have been used medically for thousands of years, and are still in use today in treatment and skin care products.

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing practice. Essential oils and aromas from plants are used to treat the body, mind, and spirit. These plant components have several medicinal and healing properties, such as mental balancing and physical ailment treatment, while positively affecting the brain and emotions.


The psychological benefits from essential oils depend on the oil chosen.